Our Services

Financial Advisory   Auditing   Corporate Transaction Support   Tax Consultancy


Corporate Governance Advisory

• Corporate Strategies / Business Development Plans
• Program /Project Monitoring + Evaluation
• Program Impact Assessment
• Project / Capital Investment Appraisal
• Human Capital Development.
• Procurement-Supply Advisory
• Performance / Business Process Improvement
• Corporate restructuring and business recovery services

Information Systems Advisory

• Review of I.T Risk Management
• Review of I.T Internal Controls
• Review of I.T Security Controls
• Review of I.T Systems Effectiveness
• Develop I.T Security Policies
• Review / develop Business continuity plan


Audit / Assurance

• Attest / Audit of Financial
Statements / Information
• Review of Financial
Statement / Information
• Attestation on Internal
Control over Financial Reports
• Compliance Audit /Review
• Investigations, Due Diligence
• Service Provider Assurance
• Information Systems Assurance
• InfoTech Systems Review
• Value for Money Audit
• Revenue Generation Assurance

Financial Management / Accountancy Services

• Review of Financial Mgt systems
• Business / Asset valuation
• Investigations, Due diligence
• Business Performance Analytics
• Accounting Services out/co sourced
• Review/ develop Accounting manual
• Reporting Accountants Services
• Sourcing Corporate/Project finance
• Receivership and Liquidation
• Debt Recovery Services
• Financial Litigation + Dispute resolution advisory
• Forensic Accounting Services
• Real Estate Investment Advisory


Transaction Support

Transaction Support Services

• Sourcing of I.T Resources
• I.T Transactions out/co sourced
• I.T Service delivery and support
• Review of Corporate Transactions
• Revenue Generation + Collection Support services
• Pre and Post implementation reviews of major transactions
• Customized transaction support
• Personel recruitment
• Staff emolument and benefits

Corporate Secretarial Services

• Processing Approvals with Government MDA
• Preparation and filing of statutory returns
• Maintenance of statutory entitles and charges
• Secretarial services out/co sourced
• Business legal advisory



Regular Statutory Tax Compliance Services

• Corporate Statutory Tax Compliance for Companies
• Registration for Pay as You Earn [PAYE]
• Other Statutory Tax Compliance
• Value Added Tax [VAT] Registration
• Compliance with other statutory corporate obligations e.g Employee Compensation Act 2010, Industrial Training Fund, PENCOM Act 2004Regulatory

Tax Risk / Planning Advisory

• Technical Support during Tax Audit / Investigation
• Corporate Tax Risk Advisory Management
• Tax Advisory for Individuals
• Personal Income Tax Audit /Investigation
• Value added Tax
• Tax Due Diligence
• Payroll Administration