About Us

Our Vision:
To be a leading provider of globally optimized integrated professional services and know-how partners of choice in Africa, and beyond.

Our Mission:

To provide assurance, information systems, tax, advisory and transaction support services experience and deliverables of multidisciplinary dimensions, through our ability to mobilize and harness needed resources and drivers that will meet the corporate governance, active risk management, sustainable value creation process, performance management and other peculiar needs of our discerning clients, in a more cost-effective manner.

Core Values:

Our core values are anchored on:

T -Team-spirit
R -Responsiveness
I -Imaginativeness
P -Professionalism
S -Simplicity
S -Service


At JJOG, the following are fundamental to our values and essential to achieving our mission.

• Act with integrity, competence, diligence, respect, and in an ethical manner with the public, clients, prospective clients, colleagues, employees and other participants in the knowledge industry. We shall not knowingly be a party to any illegal or improper activities.

• Act for the optimal benefit of our clients above our own interests. This is a fundamental covenant of our practice and the bedrock of trust and confidence in our professional services.

• Maintain and improve our professional competence and support the education / improve the competence, of clients, colleagues, the general public, management and those charged with corporate governance in enhancing their understanding of our professional services.

• Encourage compliance with appropriate standards, guidelines, procedure, controls, and best practices.

• Use due professional care / skill expected of a reasonably prudent and competent professional; exercise sound judgment to achieve and maintain independence and objectivity in our duties. However, due professional care does not imply infallibility.

• Where we encounter limitation in scope e.g. are not able to obtain required information, are restricted from accessing needed resources or are in any way restrained from carrying out our function, we shall expressly escalate our concern to appropriate senior levels in management.

• Where we need to and have utilized the services of an external expert, we shall evaluate the usefulness and sufficiency of work performed by such external expert and also perform appropriate testing to confirm the findings of the external expert.

• Avoid engagements and activities that impair, or may appear to impair our independence or objectivity. For existing engagement, should a situation arise that could impair our independence and objectivity or interfere with any of our respective duties and result in conflict of interest; we shall discuss this with the client and agree on appropriate actions.

• Quality based on competence, diligence and due care is our watch word and we continuously strive to ensure that quality is not just an add-on, but embedded in our engagement processes. This way, we make quality everybody’s responsibility and not just the outcome of our internal quality control review that monitors compliance with our internal policies, standards and procedures and ensure that work done to arrive at our recommendations, conclusions and opinions are adequate and well documented.

• Maintain the confidentiality of information obtained in the course of our duties unless disclosure is required by law, regulatory duties, professional obligation, or permitted by client. The duty of confidentiality continues beyond the conclusion of the assignment or termination of relationship.

• When in a special relation with a client or responsible for managing its asset, we will ensure that we take action that are optimal and consistent with the stated objectives and constraints.

• Communicate with relevant entities through appropriate channels, the results of our work disclosing all material facts known to us, which if not disclosed could either distort our deliverables or conceal unlawful practices.  Our communications strive to be objective, clear, concise, constructive, complete and timely.

• We actively maintain a follow-up process on all our engagements, to monitor and determine that recommended management actions have either been effectively implemented or that those formally charged with corporate governance has by default accepted the risks and rewards of not taking corrective actions. We are not responsible for implementing corrective actions but can readily assist when formally engaged to do so.


JJOG Professional Services is licensed by The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria [ICAN] to provide professional services normally handled by Chartered Accountants in public practice. Professional Services is defined by International Federation of Accountants [IFAC] to which ICAN is affiliated,as services requiring accountancy or related skills performed by professional accountants including auditing and assurance, accounting, taxation, financial management services, management consulting / advisory and other specialized support services. JJOG was incorporated by Corporate Affairs Commission, registered with the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) for taxation purposes as well as the Office of Auditor General of the Federation for the purposes of rendering professional services to federal government entities.

The firm is managed by dedicated and skilled professionals with a breath and depth of technical and managerial experience that straddle the private and public sector. It has entered into strategic alliance with other practitioners / international firm to handle very large assignments that needs syndication.

Our Managing Partner – Joseph Amaechi JIDEOBI, had his initial professional training with Spiropoulos, Adiele, Okpara & Co [Chartered Accountants]. He also worked in various technical and managerial capacities for: - Afribank Plc, Dantata & Sawoe Construction Company Ltd, John Holt Tanneries, Oil and Foods Industries Ltd and Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund. Most recently, he worked for some three  years with BDO Professional Services [ the world’s fifth largest provider of professional services ] where he was involved in different capacities including In-charge, and Senior Consultant in the medley of professional services offered by the firm to its clients in different sectors of the economy including:

ARM Properties Plc.                                         
Signet Investments & Securities Limited             
MIC Microfinance Bank Ltd                                           
Afromedia Nigeria Plc                                       
Livestock Feeds Plc
Lowe Lintas Ltd                                                
Lasbulk Nig Ltd

IHL Properties Ltd

Ibile Holdings Limited (an Investment Company of Lagos State Government).

Financial Institution Training Council                  
Energy Company of Nigeria Plc                                     
MBC Securities Ltd                                                        .
Tower Aluminum Group Ltd                                           
Critall Hope Ltd                                                
UNDP NIM / NGO 2009 Audit [7th Country Programs / Projects in Nigeria.]          
UNDP EU-EOM -Special Audit of 2007 Election Monitoring Observers Project.
UAC Registrars Ltd                                                      
Vono Nigeria Plc                                                           
CAT Geodata / Geoquinetiq Ltd.
G N L D Ltd
Johnson Wax Ltd                                              
Lekki Concessions Company Ltd
To date, JJOG Professional Services had been engaged by these major Clients to render various services:

# Education Trust Fund:
Provision of assurance and financial advisory services vide value-for-money review / performance monitoring of large-scale intervention programs it funded, in the following public institutions for 2009 to 2011:
[a]        Federal University of Technology – Owerri
[b]        Federal Polytechnic, Nekede – Owerri
[c]        Federal College of Land Technology - Owerri
[d]        Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education, Owerri
[e]        Imo State University, Owerri
[f]         Imo State Polytechnic, Umuagwo
[g]        Imo State Ministry of Education, Owerri
[f]         Imo State Universal Basic Education Board [IMO-SUBEB], Owerri.          

# Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund:
Provision of assurance and transaction support services vide maximum generation and collection of social insurance premiums / revenue, from all employers in the energy and power sector nationwide under the Employees’ Compensation Act 2010. These include:
[a] Power Holding Company of Nigeria PLC and all of its successor companies being privatized by BPE,
[b] All Independent Power Producers licensed by NERC and
[c] All core value-chain operators,



The key resources that drive our performance and the attainment of our mission are our core assets of skilled professionals and hybrid of processes, all anchored on our core values. We also maintain functional strategic alliance with other professional firms, to support our provision of professional services of very large dimensions and technical complexity.

We have good information technology facilities to support our work as well as put us in contact with select members of the global community. We also have a library of hard and soft materials which provides valuable reference materials to guide our practitioners. We equally subscribe to various professional resources and continuously train our staff, not only to update our professional knowledge, but also to effectively handle the peculiarities of relevant industries and business sector[s] we are engaged in.

We are passionate about result-orientation, excellence, good value-for-money, and continuous learning as we strive to incrementally nudge our discerning clients up the corporate governance ladder.